Suspect Being Questioned In Murder and Rape Of 9 Year Old Girl in Bocas del Toro

Panama, September 2012

The authorities have the driver of a yellow pick-up taxi under investigation, in the case of the murder of a nine year old girl, whose body was thrown from a bridge in a black plastic bag into the Oeste Arriba river, in Almirante, Bocas del Toro. The suspect was questioned, and his car was inspected by Criminology experts. The man is thin with grey hair, as described by a child who said he watched the man who threw the bag containing the girl’s remains into the river.

The girl had been beaten up and raped before she was killed, a source revealed. The mother of the girl, who was a student at the school of Almirante, was crying uncontrollably. Cipriana Quintero, the girl’s grandmother, said he went to identify the body of the girl that was found in the river, and indeed it was her granddaughter.

This is not the only case of rape. Seven days ago another 9 year old girl was beaten and raped. (Critica)